Professional Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Program

Your carpeting not only represents a significant capital investment for your company, but also plays a major role in contributing to the overall image of your office environment.

You can help maintain both the economies and overall beauty of this investment. All Around Carpet Care will create a carpet maintenance plan for you. Our program will reward you with years of dependable, economical service and maximize the life
and appearance of your carpet inventment.

Commercial Carpet Care Maintenance Program for businesses in Michigan from All Around Carpet Care
A complete and effective carpet maintenance program should include these 3 categories:
- Preventive - Daily - Periodic

Color selections: Select a carpet color appropriate
to traffic areas and local soil conditions.

Soil containment: Prevent dirt and soil from entering the building using mats at entrances and near elevators.

Daily maintenance: Interim measures include vacuuming and spot cleaning for all traffic areas.

Vacuuming is the most important and most cost-effective element of an efficient maintenance program. Vacuuming can remove more than 80 percent of dry soil on a daily basis. Vacuuming should be scheduled according to the amount of potential soil buildup of a particular area.

Daily removal of spots and spills helps maintain the carpet's appearance. Immediate action against spots and spills also reduces the probability of a permanent stain.

Periodic Restorative cleaning: Scheduled deep extraction cleaning will remove accumulated soil not removed by regular vacuuming and spot removal.

We suggest a monthly or as-needed scheduling for restorative cleaning of transition areas, track-off regions
and congested channels. Contact us or use our on-line request a quote system today.